Why Modular

Today’s modular housing is better than ever. Modular housing is quickly becoming one of the hottest and fastest growing sectors of the construction industry. According to AUTOMATED BUILDER MAGAZINE, modular housing accounts for approximately 8% of the total new home housing market in the USA.  In their January 2005 issue Automated Builder reports that 206,000 modular homes were built in the USA in 2004.

Looking to avoid untimely weather delays, quality control problems and fluctuating and unpredictable material costs and skilled labor shortages, more and more home-builders and developers are turning to factory-built construction to expand their market and get a head-start on their competition.

 On-time and volume purchasing enables manufacturers to help provide the consumer with amenity-filled homes at a reduced cost to you- the builder developer. Design flexibilty allows for modular construction to be used for a range of housing types, including both single and multi-family uses. Using modular housing can also drastically reduce the development cycle time, and building homes in a quality-controlled factory environment with a reliable workforce enables you to deliver homes year round!


q     Better cost controls due to a single source of supply.

q     Less chance of material cost overruns as Hoopa Modular can provide a guaranteed pricing program which helps take the "gamble" out of escalating lumber pricing.

q     Hoopa Modular price protection affords you the opportunity to make the profit you estimated at the start of the job.

q     A higher and more consistent quality of workmanship as the majority of the work is done inside our brand new factory, under climate controlled conditions.

q     Because the product arrives up to 90% complete, in a three-dimensional assembled fashion, fewer construction days are lost to weather.  This allows you to bring the job in on time, or ahead of schedule, at the projected cost!

q     Stringent in-house quality control inspections assure compliance with applicable state and local codes.

q     Reduced losses due to theft and pilferage.  The Hoopa Modular package enables you to dry-in the house the same day it is delivered thereby reducing the number of "loose pieces" which have a tendency to "walk away" from the job site.

q     Shorter overall construction period means less construction loan interest.  The interest dollars saved goes into your pockets - not the bankers!

q     More efficient use of your time.  Via use of the Hoopa Modular building system you can control more jobs - more efficiently. 

q     You add a valuable partner to your team -- someone who is supplying you with a complete business system - not someone who is just dumping a load of building materials in the mud, snow, ice and unfavorable site conditions.

More reasons why you should choose Hoopa Modular as your preferred method of construction:


Hoopa Modular Building Enterprise uses state of the art modular building technology to produce every home and light commercial structure. Our modern factory allows us to work in a climate controlled environment unimpeded by rain, snow, heat, wind and other environmental factors. This means harmful weather never touches the high quality building materials or inside of your home. 


Hoopa Modular has some of the most demanding standards on raw materials in the industry.  For example, our framing lumber is delivered to exacting specifications on moisture content, or it is not accepted for use. Moreover, all of our lumber is wrapped or stored under roof to maintain that moisture content.  The high quality kiln dried lumber that we use to produce our homes stays dry throughout the construction process! That’s the best way to prevent warping, cracking, buckling and drywall nail pops after the house is built.


Hoopa Modular doesn't just talk about quality -- we practice it on a daily basis.  Every modular homes goes through a stringent in-house quality control process.  Each work station is responsible for building in the quality. Your home also goes through 300 quality inspections and third party inspections to ensure the highest level of quality. 

Our manufacturing credo is -- Built strong to last long.   As such every Hoopa Modular home is “over-built” to withstand the movement through the manufacturing process, the rigors of transportation and then being lifted by crane onto the prepared foundation -- all the while retaining its structural integrity and aesthetic finish. Our entire manufacturing and quality control process provides you with a level of strength, integrity, durability and comfort not found with the "old school" construction methods.


Hoopa Modular homes are delivered up to 90% complete in our state of the art manufacturing facility.  Once the homes are delivered to the job site they can be completed in a matter of days instead of months required by old school construction methods.  Overall every Hoopa Modular home can be built in one-third the time of more traditional construction methods. Construction is seldom delayed due to weather, subcontractor no-shows or missing material. With careful scheduling and planning homebuyers can be living in their new home in a matter of weeks.


Hoopa Modular homes are highly engineered using the latest construction technology. With additional insulation and precision craftsmanship, modular homes are significantly more energy efficient.  All homes are designed to be energy efficient, which will save you money on bills in the future.   Your utility bills will be less using modular building technology, saving you more money in years to come. Likewise, your home will appreciate in value just as an on-site built home does. Energy efficient appliances are also available


Hoopa Modular offers a wide variety of house plans from which to choose.  This includes are New Generation, Elegante' and Garnett Home series. These product offerings includes Cape Cod, ranch (inline, ell-shape and t-shape), mid-enter/split level and two-story homes. A wide variety of options are available that will help personalize each home to meet the owners demands and lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a home from 1,000 square feet to 4,000 square feet, Hoopa Modular can meet your needs.


Because our homes are constructed faster, costs are controlled and kept at a minimum which enables us to pass along a savings to you. With our many floor plans and options to choose from, you will be able to find something that fits your budget.

Our homes qualify for all mortgage programs. The same mortgage rules and regulations apply to purchasing a Hoopa Modular home as to a site-built home. Assistance is also available in helping you to determine the financial program that best fits your needs.