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The Hoopa Modular Mission

The Hoopa vision is the development of a world class modular housing business that will produce residential and commercial buildings; provide a wide range of design and architectural services; and provide field construction services used in the construction of single and multifamily residential housing and light commercial structures.

The Hoopa Valley Tribes' in-plant factory home building mission encompasses three interconnected goals:
· Affordable housing
· Job creation
· Job training

Hoopa Modular has a dual goal of increasing the rate of homeownership and to provide job training for tribal members.

The job training segment will bring together community groups, job training organizations, educators, labor groups, investors, lenders, developers, and other affected parties to address the issue of providing employment and training for Hoopa residents.

Hoopa Valley Tribe

The Hoopa "hands-on" learning experience will be enhanced via the development of their manufacturing technologies laboratory - a state of the art modular housing factory using the most technologically advanced, fully CAD integrated, modular building system available.

The Hoopa manufacturing technology education center is a unique, first of its kind, endeavor. There are no other entities known to us that provides trainees the opportunity to learn modern manufacturing and construction techniques and skills via use of a fully operational modular manufacturing facility. Hoopa's mission is to advance Tribal members through a carefully planned program of community economic development, education and employment training.

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